For many years, our goals are always set beforehand by thoroughly considering our vision, mission and organizational ability, analyzing the market, potential, opportunities and challenges, thereby forming the main target for the period of 2020-2025.

Maintaining a friendly, talented, united and effective organization over the years with the number of employee increase of 10% - 25% per year.

Focusing on equiping high-tech and modern facilities in order to meet  requirements of GSP, GDP and GLD when it comes to equipments, working environment, lab and warehouse.

Improving quality of services and enhancing partner satisfaction.

Ensuring annual sales volume to increase by at least 10% per year and improving profit margins.

Striving to maintain the position of the organization in the market always in the top 5 largest companies in terms of sales, the top 3 companies when it comes to distribution capacity and the leading position in the market segment, the group of products and specialized services that the company focuses on.