Human & Organization


Each member of Sapharchem has a strong foundation of knowledge, comes from reputable universities in Vietnam or is trained abroad, and is constinously learning to improve knowledge, practice virtues, attitudes and positive behaviors in a constantly learning environment.

We feel a great sense of pride as we, Sapharchem, have a highly skilled and dynamic workforce with excellent individuals possessing excellent and diverse backgrounds in various fields such as medicine, food and postharvest technologies, biotechnology, machinery and equipment, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and fisheries, information technology, law, economics, business administration, finance management, accounting and foreign languages.

Our employees are regularly trained by both foreign and domestic training program from a great deal of companies and corporations all around the world in order to improve working skills and to catch up with state-of-the-art technologies.


Sapharchem has a simple organization with effective management concerning its core values. Indeed it creates a healthy workplace that helps individuals and teams be able to develop their knowledge and softskills.

Sapharchem administers, categorizes and accumulates knowledge throughout operation time and facilitates it to be protected, shared, transferred to next personnel generations.

Our organization structure brings about open and transparent communication between members, subunits, customers and suppliers with Sapharchem.

Sapharchem is organized in a vertical model to manage specialized fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, veterinary and functional foods. This model is also applied to operations management from the top management to the lower levels.

Positions and subunits in Sapharchem’s organization:

  • President/CEO
  • Board of Directors
  • Interior Affairs – Admin & HRM
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Commercial Services
  • Health Care
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Agro-Care