Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Sapharchem is a distributor in Vietnam for the world's top manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), herbs, excipients and innovative excipient systems, primary packaging.

APIs: we have an ability to provide all the APIs and herbs for all of treatment groups: cardiovascular, diabetes, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory – analgesic, antipyretics, corticoid, anti-allergics, anticoagulant, psychotropic drugs, anti-thrombosis, digestion, digestive disorders, fat metabolism, vitamins.

Excipients: we satisfy all the excipients for all of tablet forms, effervescent tablets, quick or slow-released for orally dissolving tablets (ODT), hard capsules, softgel capsules, powders, syrups, injection powders, injection solutions, topical dosage forms, suppository, vaginal suppository, eye drops, nasal drops. Some typical excipients are film coating, ready-to-use-film coating systems, diluents, binders, super disintegrants, solubilizers, increased bioavailability excipients, moisture-proofing excipients, stabilizers, sweeteners, taste masking excipients, effervescent excipients, oral liquid’s excipients, solvents for oral solution; injections and eye drops, emulsifiers; thickening and suspending agents; structured vehicles; wetting agents for topical dosage forms, controlled released excipients.

Primary package materials: we provide glass and plastic packages, caps for tablets, eye drops, nasal drops, ears drops, creams and solutions.

Manufacturing equipment for industrial scale and laboratory scale: equipment systems for standard pharmaceutical factories, injection factories, pellet machines, fluidized bed dryers, spray driers, tablet compression machines, packaging machines.


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