Funtional Food & Supplements Ingredients

Sapharchem supplies raw materials for functional food supplements or therapeutic supplements with a wide range of active ingredients such as botanical extracts, synthetic or bio-based materials, vitamins and minerals, trace elements, dedicated excipients for different formulation of functional foods (i.e. tablets, capsules, powders, or liquid)

We offer a comprehensive approach to fulfilling your nutraceutical requests with a full range of solutions: cardiovascular health support, lipid control, blood cholesterol control; digestive support, liver function support, liver detoxification and body detoxification; immune health enhancement; intestinal health support with probiotics and prebiotics; weight control; beauty care, anti- aging, antioxidant and cancer prevention, cancer treatment support; diabetes support; stomach sickness support, oral care; cognitive and memory support, brain health; eye care; joint health, women's health, child care.


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