Sapharchem works in compliance with the law of Vietnam and the countries of our partners worldwide.

We always behave in acordance with the Distribution Agreement and international law, respect human rights, do not use child labour, do not commit tax fraud, do not counterfeit goods and use counterfiting software , do not involve intellectual property right violations, and protect confidental information about Technology.

In addition to economic development, Sapharchem also contributes to society through various activities, such as “Back-to-school program” (i.e. consultation for graduates, intership, softskill courses, and experience sharing), scholarship for poor students or excellent students, project funding for students having innovative research ideas. Simultaneously, Sapharchem participates in community programs, including donation to help the poor and children with disability by company’s fund. We also encourage customers and partner around the world to join our charity events.

  • The research of Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City) with sample support from Sapharchem

  • New ProjectThe research of Hanoi University of Pharmacy with sample support from Sapharchem